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We are rendering services in the field of Banking (Retail Assets), Accounts Outsourcing for Indian and International Clients, Services in the field of employee benefits and retrial outsourcing.
Our services specific to the field of HR include Payroll Administration and management of Provident Fund for exempted and un-exempted establishments, Gratuity Fund, Superannuation Fund, ESI, EDLI, Payroll, Contract Labour Regulation and other ancillary related field.
We are giving below in brief, the present activities carried out by us in respect of the above.


  • Human Resources
  • Raising with Regional PF Commissioner (RPFC)
  • PF Trust Management & Return
  • Superannuation
  • Payroll, TDS of salaries
  • Gratuity, Bonus
  • All other Labour Laws
  • Recruitment
  • General Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Tax Returns
  • Accounts Payable
  • Reconciliation
  • Transactions Processing
  • Billing Services
  • Statutory Compliances
  • TDS other than Salaries

Further we have compliance software. The features of which are are given below:

The Compliance Management System is a Software module which brings you the compliance management on its path. CMS is online input of data and report generation platform which is an add-on to the management to monitor the compliance activity of the Organization.

As financial consultants, we understand that due to numerous laws applicable in today’s era, a lot of compliances have to be adhered by an Organization and the system we have developed, provide a sense of ease to the Management to keep an eagle’s eye on the compliances being taken care by several specialized teams.

The CMS has been designed in a way that the Management could analyze remotely the activity is happening at the user’s end, who is taking care of the adherence of the compliances under various laws (National/ International).

The CMS is an assembly of several operative functions as listed below:

  1. Creation of Number of Users, with different rights
  2. Adding up number of Heads (Like INCOME TAX COMPLIANCES for all sort of compliances related to Income Tax and likewise)
  3. Adding up number of Sub-Heads under different Heads (Like PAYMENT OF INCOME TAX, FILING OF ANNUAL RETURN, DEPOSITING OF TDS, TDS RETURN etc. under the Head INCOME TAX COMPLIANCES) Service Tax, VAT…………………. and so on.
  4. Default Checking System –Management can over view all the compliances, complied on time or delayed .Delayed activity will reflect in RED.
  5. Reporting System – Report can be generated with several filters viz. Head-wise, Subhead-wise, User-wise, Compliance – Default-wise etc.
  6. Uploading of Attachments – Having an option of uploading the acknowledgement so that the fairness of the compliance updated can be verified.
  7. Mailing System – The user will get an email on the registered ID about the compliance being pending on his part to be updated 3 days in advance from the planned/ due date.
  8. Key Point – The user will be getting all the compliance for his action on single page so that he can update the same without hassle.

This CMS has been designed by a team of highly trained professional (Technical and Compliance Wise) so that a prudent, foolproof system is developed which is truly user friendly on first priority

kindly check our website www.gkcm.co.in for further information.

GKC Management Services Pvt. Ltd.

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Email: info@gkcm.co.in

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